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Nelson, N.M., J.B. Loomis, P.M. Jakus, M.J. Kealy, N. von Stackelburg, and J. Ostermiller. 2015. "Linking ecological data and economics to estimate the total economic value of improving water quality by reducing nutrients." Ecological Economics 118: 1-9.
Water Quality
Site Name
Land Ownership
Wilderness Name
Survey Type
Waterbody Type
lakes, streams, and rivers
lawn fertilization, septic tank maintenance, stormwater runoff, agricultural practices, and sewage wastewater
nitrogen, phosphorus, and chlorophyll-A
Services Valued
frequency of algae booms, type and abundance of fish species, biodiversity, water clarity, color and odor, recreation, and drinking water taste
Minimum Willingness To Pay
Maximum Willingness To Pay
Visitor Type
Sample Summary Statistics Provided?
Response Rate
Sample Frame
Valuation Method Full Dataset
Contingent Valuation Method
Valuation Method Individual Studies
Contingent Valuation Method
Regression Model Provided
Sample Size
Stated Preference Elicitation Method
Dichotomous Choice
Stated Preference Payment Vehicle
Stated Preference Payment Type
Revealed Preference Corrected Endogenous Stratification
Revealed Preference Substitute Price Included in Regression
Revealed Preference Observations Truncated
Revealed Preference Opportunity Cost Of Time Used
Revealed Preference Pct Of Wage Used
Revealed Preference Single Dest Trips Only
Revealed Preference Primary Purpose Only
Group Size
Days Per Trip
Original Value Estimate
Value Year
Economic Value Estimate (2016)
State Wide Study Flag