Welcome to the Benefit Transfer Toolkit

This toolkit is for natural resource planners, socioeconomic analysts, field staff and public land managers. This toolkit compiles economic values estimates and other information on resources not priced in conventional markets.

Nonmarket Valuation Databases

A set of reference databases that contains roughly 2900 value estimates. These databases can be sorted by citation, location, data years, valuation method, and economic value estimate.
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Statistical Forecasting Models

Interactive forecasting tools that can tailor economic value estimates for hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, and trail-use recreation. The underlying statistical meta-regression models for these forecasting tools can also be accessed.
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Recreation Activities Map

A user-friendly map that displays the location of studies included in the recreation values databases. Users can filter mapped observations by recreation activities and U.S. regions.
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This toolkit was developed with funding from the Bureau of Land Management, the National Park Service, and the USGS Sustaining Environmental Capital Initiative. Development of the USGS Benefit Transfer Toolkit could not have been possible without the support of John Loomis at Colorado State University and Randy Rosenberger at Oregon State University.

Application version: 3.0.0